Wyndham Ocean Boulevard

Five reasons to go to Wyndham Ocean Boulevard (South Carolina)

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

If you want to know the five reasons to go to Wyndham Ocean Boulevard, read on for some info.

The hotel's location
If you are still looking for a resort that is close to the beach as well the city's main attractions, Wyndham Ocean Boulevard is a reliable choice. The resort's strategical placement makes stores, cafes and museums easy to reach by foot.

Visit Myrtle Beach
This popular beach is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and you will not be disappointed if you decide to pay it a visit. The beach can be the place to engage in water sports, try boating or fishing, but also come back home sporting a light tan. If you need privacy, the hotel has a private beach open to all of its guests.

Varied dining choices
You will not get hungry in Myrtle Beach, whenever you choose to visit this location. You should check out its varied restaurants that specialize in sea food dishes, or perhaps simply stay in and order room service. The hotel provides continental breakfasts and Sunday brunches each week.

The cool facilities
Wyndham Ocean Boulevard is a great destination for big families. Choose a fully equipped studio if you need space, and enjoy having your morning coffee on the balcony. Each room features a stunning ocean view, and the rooms are airy and comfortable. You can also watch your favorite movies on flat screen or maybe play a video game.

The fitness center
The hotel's fitness center contains some of the most modern treadmills and cardio machines in the area. Along with that, you may also want to get detoxified in the sauna room, or perhaps swim at the pool.

Wedding packages
Let the staff at Wyndham cater to your needs by selecting a wedding package. This will allow you to fully enjoy your big day without worrying about the little details.