Springmaid Beach Resort & Conference Center

Five reasons to go to Springmaid Beach Resort & Conference Center (South Carolina)

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

Here are five reasons to go to Springmaid Beach Resort & Conference Center.

Visit the Whispering Pines Golf Course
Guests who like playing golf during their free time may love a visit to the Whispering Pines Golf Course. This golf course offers good prices along with some special discounts you could take advantage of. The course is surrounded by pine trees and is encompassed within 6770 yards.

Go to the Myrtle Beach State Park
This beautiful park is full of attractions for the entire family. Take a walk in order to enjoy the wildlife, take pictures of the nature and explore the park. If you want to have a picnic here, the park offers picnic tables as well.

The comfortable rooms
Every room and suite at Springmaid Beach Resort is equipped with microwaves, free cable TV and Internet access. The bathrooms contain elegant bath products and steam showers you might enjoy after a day in the sun. The rooms are also fully furnished and include sofas you can use for sleeping if there is not enough space.

The restaurant and eating out
Myrtle Beach does not disappoint with its restaurant selection, so you should explore the city in order to locate the best spots. If you simply want to enjoy a meal at the hotel, go to the restaurant. Here you will get to experience the Southern hospitality first hand, and the dishes are only cooked using local ingredients. Furthermore, brunches are available every Sunday.

Meetings and banquets
Springmaid Beach Resort makes a good location for a business meeting. If you want to close a deal or make a business presentation, the resort offers a spacious conference center equipped with computers and Internet. Banquets, private parties and weddings are available here on a constant basis, so all you have to do is customize your own package.