Cordova - Alaska

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

Top three places to see in Cordova, Alaska
1. Keystone Canyon – this canyon is most popular among the visitors who love rafting. There are quite a number of paths to get to the Keystone Canyon. The canyon had some very beautiful waterfalls and the canyon can go pretty deep with a very strong glacial melt stream that goes through it.
2. The Solomon Gulch Hatchery – there is a legal area here that has been set aside for fishing activities for all visitors which also proves to be a very popular spot for wildlife lovers. The Solomon Gulch Hatchery was opened in the early 1980s and serves as the incubation spot for millions of pink salmon eggs and also for a large number of Coho salmon eggs every year.
3. Worthington Glacier – the Worthington Glacier is known to be a national landmark which was actually naturally formed unlike other glaciers in North America. The highway provides a simple access way to the site and there are a number of shelters which can be used to have family picnics and other occasions.  
Top three things to do in Cordova, Alaska
1. Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises – the Stan Stephens Glacier and Wildlife Cruises provides visitors with an amazing cruise experience among the glaciers and lets them view the wildlife along the way.
2. Anadyr Adventures Day Trips – These day trips provide a very adventurous experience by letting visitors go kayaking to some of the most interesting points around the glaciers. Also they offer private custom tours for families and other occasions.
3. Lu Lu Belle Tours – these tours are perfect a wide range of occasions which include dream weddings and other private events since they have their own chapel with a very friendly and courteous staff. The tour lets visitors take in the beautiful scenery of the glaciers and the wildlife.