Bellingham - Washington

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

Bellingham is known as the largest city in Washington County. It is acclaimed for its easy access to outdoor opportunities. There are some outstanding spots to visit within Bellingham. However, there are three major places that one cannot miss out on when visiting Bellingham. These are Whatcom Fall Park, Spark Museum of Electrical Invention and Park Bowl.
1. Whatcom Falls Park
The Whatcom Fall Park is situated around the Whatcom creek that drains into the Lakes of Whatcom to the Bellingham Bay. The creek are said to run through different phases which include the series of waterfalls that is of course named after the park. This Park is occupied by old growth forest and is an active path for joggers, walkers, picnickers and even persons who are walking their dogs. Also available is a playground and tennis court which provides recreational activities.
2. Spark Museum of Electrical Invention
The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention provides visitors with a very educational and wonderful experience. The beautiful interactive exhibits that have existed for about four centuries include a variety of cultural heritage and scientific accomplishments. These artifacts are displayed as featured attractions as part of a world class collection which comprises the huge Mega Zapper Tesla Coil displaying the nine foot high lightning bolts. These artifacts that are displayed in the Sparks Museum of Electrical Invention shows how human history changed over the course of a few centuries.
3. Park Bowl
Park Bowl is located in the Bellingham County area since 1954 under the ownership and operation of the Keyes family. The Park Bowl is a twenty eight lane bowling and family entertainment center. Included in the Center is a game room which has five pool tables and video arcade. There are seated and enclosed dining, food counter and excellent bar service.
These places provide a mean for one to have the most enjoyable experience and moments. There are places that one cannot miss when visiting Bellingham.