Barrow - Alaska

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

Top three places to see in Barrow (United States, Alaska)
1. Inupiat Heritage Center – this center aims to provide very valuable information about the life and history of the people of Barrow. They also feature some very exquisite drumming and dancing performances. Also arts and craft are displayed in the center which were actually made from the bones of whales, claws of polar bears and from the tusk of walruses. Before leaving one can take home a souvenir to have a lasting memory of the visit.
2. Barrow Beach – the beach of barrow is not ideal for swimming due to the extreme cold temperatures. However, it provides a beautiful scenery of the Arctic Ocean and also of the polar ice caps which is not something one will see every day.
3. The Polar Bear Plunge – visitors are offered the opportunity to perform what is called a polar bear plunge. A small fee is paid to gain the opportunity to experience the coldness of the freezing waters of the Arctic.
Top three things to do in Barrow (United States, Alaska)
1. Tundra Tours Inc. – When arriving at the Barrow airport, the staff of Tundra Tours will await you to take you directly to the hotel as part of their services. Tundra tours have very experienced and knowledgeable tour guides. There tours allow you to view all of Barrow and provides great information about the natives as well as stopping so you can view all that Barrow has to offer.  
2. Experience the drastic weather changes – Barrow is one place where is weather is not so predictable. One minute is can be freezing cold and the next the sun is warming the atmosphere.  It is quite amazing to observe how the weather patterns change drastically and how the animals adapt to it there.
3. Skating at the Inupiat Heritage Center – Barrow provides the opportunity to experience skating indoors. The reason they do not offer outdoor skating is due to the harsh climate which makes it unsafe.