Adak - United States

  • By Daniel K
  • Destinations
  • 07.10.2016

Are you planning an escape to Adak and the wilderness?  Make sure to check out these top places and things to do on your trip.
1. Alaska Maritime Wildlife Refuge Lands – with the conditions most favorable during the summer time, this proves to be a very good camping spot. It provides a favorable experience for overnight or even a weekend camping trip.
2. The Aleutian Sport Bar and Grill – this bar provides a beautiful and amazing experience in terms of nightlife and dining occasion when visiting Adak. The Aleutian sports bar and grill is fully licensed and provides a very wide range menu and a variety of alcoholic and non – alcoholic beverages to choose from when dining to make your evening very enjoyable and entertaining
3. Three Arm Bay Cabins – these cabins are maintained by the Alaska Maritime Wildlife Refuge Lands and provide excellent accommodation which includes cable TV, telephone use and well-furnished cabins equipped with heating units. These cabins can be rented for either short term or long term accommodations as required by the visitors
Top three things to do in Adak, Alaska:
1. Adak consist of gravel roads which provide a very adventurous experience either by foot or by riding bicycles. There are some developed trails which are used mainly for hiking. It can prove to be very thrilling especially with frequent changes in the weather.
2. Bird watching is one activity favoured by many people since it is home to some very rare species of birds. Due to this many birders are drawn here each year just to spot these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.
3. When visiting Adak, hunting and fishing are the featured sport. The Adak caribou is the most favoured catch. This provides a great thrill to tourist every year as they usually have competitions for the biggest catch. The winner is given a prize to commemorate their accomplishment.
Adak is a very unique tourist destination that leaves tourist with wonderful memories and also the chance to see some very rare bird species. This is a must visit destination